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Hardscaping Services

You can do a lot with natural armour stone hardscaping.

Giant stones make for massive wonder. We don’t just complete the same job over and over… even if we wanted to, we know it’s impossible because each stone and each site is totally unique.

That’s why we take the time the understand your dreams, the needs of your site, and your budget. We create you a one-of-a-kind solution that blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings.

Ready to transform your property? Let us show you all that’s possible right in your own backyard.

Our Armour Stone Installation Process


First we meet with you onsite to hear your vision and discuss goals for the final result.


Next, we measure your property elevations and dimensions to decide on the size, height, and colour of the stone we need.


After we know what we’re looking for, we find a source for your stone, estimate the tonnage required, and discuss the price with you.


It’s time to start creating! We’ll work on building a solid base first, so that the whole stone structure remains strong and stunning forever.

Our principal and company owner Guy Gauthier is onsite from beginning to end—so you always get the maximum expertise possible.

What can you do with large rock hardscaping?

Retaining Walls

Get more usable space out of your lot! With a retaining wall you can stabilize slopes, level uneven terrain, and help prevent land loss, slippage, slides and erosion.

Erosion Solutions

Erosion issues can be challenging situations for property owners. It’s our goal to figure out a solution that will last a lifetime while take your outdoor space from “blah” to “breathtaking!”

Lake Access

A waterfront property lacking waterfront access defeats the purpose. With our help, you can make a steep slope a breeze even for the littlest members of your family.

Stone Steps & Stairs

A well-designed stairway invites you into a space like few other things can. Why not use natural stone stairs for a more organic look and less erosion than concrete or other artificial “stone?”

Have a unique project that doesn’t quite fit what’s listed here?

We’ve seen it all and love a challenge so contact us by clicking below, and let’s talk!