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About SixWay Hardscaping

Bring your property vision to life with natural armour stone.

At SixWay Hardscaping we use natural armour stone (aka limestone) to create beautiful outdoor spaces.

We don’t just help you install it—we help you understand what’s possible, plan it, and pick the right stone for the job.

We know that every site is different and every stone is unique. We combine creativity, technical know-how, and specialized equipment to make sure you’re highlighting the natural beauty of your landscape for decades to come.


Are you looking to increase the beauty, value, and function of your space? Whether you’re looking for water access, retaining walls, water features, or just a stunning outdoor area, we have you covered.

Landscapers & Contractors

Let us do the heavy lifting.

As subcontractors, our expertise in armour stone installation and unique custom machinery which can set stones up to 6 tons means you don’t need to turn down bigger jobs or invest in costly equipment of your own.

We do it right, or not at all.

We want to make sure you get the best value for your investment. That’s why we never compromise our values or surprise you with unexpected charges.

What does this mean?

No Cutting Corners

We want you to take pride in our work for decades. Our projects won’t sink, settle, become unlevel, or crack because we take the time to understand the underlying geology and plan accordingly.

Best Materials, Best Price

We hand-select each piece of stone, so that you don’t get stuck with whatever scraps the quarry sends over. Better yet, you only pay for what gets used, so that you can feel confident you’re always getting the best price!

Strategic Approach

We take the confusion out of the process by always making sure we have a goal, a starting point, and a process before we get started. We’ll also be straight with you about what’s possible and what isn’t.

Our founder Guy Gauthier takes part in every project from beginning to end—so your dreams are never left in the hands of the new guy.

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